Delayed Reaction

So the boys have been 15 months for about a week now and their appointment was last week, what can I say?  There’s just so much Halloween candy to be bought in preparation and eaten in advance.

You’ll just have to wait to see boys in costume.  We’ve had a few trial runs but they were not photographed.

So here’s the check-up stats:

Cooper: 20 lbs, 30 inches

Hudson: 19.5 lbs, 30 inches

Nathan: 20 lbs, 30 inches

Everybody is racing up the percentages from 1 to 5 on weight and 15 to 20 on height.  We could also blame some approximation on their measurements to the fact that this was my first solo appointment for three.  Everything was a bit more rushed.

All the guys are happy and healthy.

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