An Ode to Momma: Birthday Edition

Happy 24th Birthday (version 11.0), Smitty!


May this second attempt at pinch-hitting for Airika do the blog justice!  The Halloween post is not an easy act to follow.  I still smile each time I glance at one of the Three Amigos costume pictures.  When considering what to write in this space, I asked myself the question I’ve heard most often since Cooper, Hudson and Nathan’s arrival…

“How does Airika do it?”

As I pondered the possible responses to this valid question, I recalled our psychological profile work with the Baltimore Orioles.  My boss, Dave Ritterpusch, took me under his wing and taught me the four key character traits which allowed baseball players to maximize the return on their physical ability (for those sports fans out there, this is often referred to as a player’s ‘makeup’ during sports telecasts).  It struck me that Airika is able to do “it” (at least in part) because she excels in the very same “key traits” when handling the massive responsibilities thrust on her on a daily basis.

EMOTIONAL CONTROL – Airika manages to stay cool, maintain her composure and face stress in a calm, objective manner.  This is especially important when the crying, etc. multiplies by three before your eyes.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS – Airika does not become easily upset when things aren’t going her way.  She doesn’t need excessive encouragement from others and recovers very quickly when things go wrong.

TRUST – Airika has a very strong acceptance of, and belief in, people.  She has an amazing ability to digest information from informed sources without inundating herself with excess.

SELF CONFIDENCE – Airika believes that she has the ability needed to be a successful parent.  She knows her mother, Leanna, raised her with a foundation of solid principles.  As many of you are well aware, Airika is not shy about expressing her beliefs, ideas and opinions.  Yes, I may pay for that little mention.

Maybe our new family business will offer psychological profiling of prospective and soon-to-be parents?  Any market out there for such a service? 😉

If you have a chance today, please send Happy Birthday wishes to our very special Momma on her very special day.

We love you, beautiful!


7 thoughts on “An Ode to Momma: Birthday Edition

  1. Robin Finkel says:

    Eddie-what a beautiful birthday tribute to Airika. A very Happy Birthday, and lots of love & happiness to your beautuful family.

  2. Erika says:

    Cheers to a beautiful, smart, patient, very strong woman, with the very best name and birthday! :). I admire you and ALL that you do! Eddie, thanks for the great post!

  3. Donna Ruppenthal says:

    Happy Birthday Airika…. you are a special woman.. and, Eddie is a special husband! Butch has a birthday 11/30….

  4. Shelley Milton says:

    Happy birthday Sweetie. Your Mother did an excellent job of raising a strong woman. You do such amazing things because you never imagined there would be anything you couldn’t do. Hope your day was wonderful. Love you.

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