Life is just a bowl of Cheerios

Don’t take it serious; life’s so mysterious. 

What’s so mysterious is the way three boys who appear so similar can approach things so differently.  Say for instance my efforts to make them more civilized by feeding them from bowls.  I haven’t checked the appropriate development chart recently but I’m sure we’re behind the curve on this one.  I did attempt the use of dishes previously but they promptly catapulted my freshly made meal to the floor, so we waited.  I don’t think they’re more mature now, just hungrier so they don’t throw things away until they’ve had a chance to taste them.

Their approach to food is the same…eat it. I’m sure a result of genetics, hunger causes extreme distress in Coblentz men.  What’s different is how they treat the strange phenomenon of serving food in bowls.  Their preferred methodologies are as follows:

Cooper: Being the sly guy that he is, Cooper proceeds with caution.  He takes food from both bowls, joins them in one.  And as soon as you turn your back he dumps them all on the table and giggles.  Its sounds sort of like a slot machine paying off for an underage gambler.

Hudson:  Our middle child is not concerned with how the food gets out of the bowl.  He may dump it, he may eat, or share it, he just needs an empty bowl.  Its needs to be empty so he can cover his face with the bowl or place it atop his head.

Nathan:  Our little bean counter, sits calmly and moves his food piece by piece from bowl to bowl.  He chooses his moment carefully and then subtly slides a bowl or more food away from one of his brothers.  Remarkably, the victim of this theft rarely takes the bowl back, instead he takes a bowl from the innocent brother.  The cycle continues until Nathan is often the only one left at the table with any bowls at all.

Case in point:


Cooper: 1 empty bowl
Hudson: 2 bowls on his face
Nathan: 3 bowls and counting

Video demonstration:

Cooper has been removed from the table because his oatmeal is already on the floor.  Hudson couldn’t get all the oatmeal out, so now its a hair treatment, and Nathan sits enjoying his spoon and bowl.


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