FAQ #5 Do They Have Different Personalities?

I’m still working on my flyer for well-meaning strangers that will quickly cover all of their burning questions.  I’m struggling a bit with this one: “Do they have different personalities?”

Option #1 Sarcasm: “No, they go about the day in the exact same way. Play with the same toys, laugh at the same time, ponder the same heavy issues.  In fact, the hardest thing about my day is making sure I have three of everything in the same color because everyone loves blue.”

Option #2 Facetiousness: “Yes. Nathan is our lover. He loves his parents, his brothers, and his toys.  Hudson is our philosopher.  He likes the idea of brothers but not necessary the reality.  Cooper, he could go one of two ways, world leader or sociopath, it all hangs on the next episode of Barney.”

Option #3 Truth: “Yes, no, maybe so, of course they do, but I couldn’t possibly describe it to you.  Every day they learn new things, do new things, and interact with us and their brothers in new ways.”

Case in point, Nathan’s new trick is hugging.  Hudson, well, see for yourself….

P.S. Outfits are courtesy of Brother Fletch.


2 thoughts on “FAQ #5 Do They Have Different Personalities?

  1. Donna Ruppenthal says:

    Airika… you are quite the writer… love reading your postings… we have lots of snow here today..but spring is hopefully right around the corner..in a few weeks we will be in warm weather.. chaperroning our grandson’s hhs baseball team…his parents can’t go this time due to little league opening day ceremonies.. thank goodness for grandparents…when do you leave for Minn.???

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