Back to the Future III

Flashback to February: Eddie and I had plans to spend the night in NYC, so of course there was a huge storm.  I’ll let you know beforehand the next time we have something exciting in the works, so you can fill up your cars and head to the grocery store.  We weathered the whole thing with good company from Grandma Dot and Poppa John.  And Grandma Dot returned two weeks later, so we got a snowcheck on the time away.

Since Nemo we’ve been busy but not too much news.  Cooper, Hudson, and Nathan had a check up at 19 months.  Hudson is making a run for the middle in age and size.  He and Cooper are neck and neck at 22 lbs 4 oz and 31 1/2 inches.  Nathan is still the big little guy at 22 lbs 13 oz and 33 inches.  They’re now up to +25% in height and double digits for weight at 10%, woo hoo.


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