Happy Easter from all our Little Bunny Foo Foos. Let’s hope they’re not too goony tomorrow. They made it through this weekend, without falling apart, so signs are good. We started hunting eggs with our neighbors and then the little guys hung out at home while we dyed eggs with the wonderful Morrises. Saturday, WaWa and Fletcher checked out The Croods and I stayed home with our little cavemen. Then we all hit the beach. Hudson warmed up quickly to the texture of sand and freezing water. He headed straight into the Sound and brought several inches of water back to the car with him in his boots.

Today, we not only made it to church and we were EARLY! Please take note, as it is quiet possibly the first and last time we will be early for church. The triplets entertained the ladies in the nursery and when we returned they were all busy playing, with their Easter Fedoras on backwards. Fletcher, once again in the wonderful care of the Morrises, was very well behaved in church. He even belted out all the alleluias in the opening hymn. WaWa and I were feeling very festive until we missed the memo and ended up drinking from the common cup. Then we were festive and fearful.

Extended naps delayed the Easter Bunny until the late afternoon but the boys had fun once we got out there. Eggs and baskets were found and nobody drank the bubble juice. Success!

P.S. This post evoked a “you like potato I like potahto” debate between my mother and me. She said alleluia, I said hallelujah. As you can see even at my age she’s very persuasive. Please feel free to weigh in, I’d love to be able to say I was right too, even if she’s not wrong.



  1. Judy Meyer says:

    I’m playing it safe. Both are used and sometimes interchangeably – pronunciation is based on spelling. I love the photos – especially the bubble ones. BTW I didn’t know they sold bubble solution in gallon jugs. 🙂 I love to follow your lotto winner posts – keep it up!

  2. Lourdette Diamond Neuburg says:

    Six of one; half dozen of the other. I agree that it depends on the spelling. I’ve been known to sing both pronunciations in the same song.

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