Capricious Karate Kid

Like Back to the Future this is a flashback, but since it was a big deal for Fletch and I’m always concerned with equal coverage, I decided to share Fletch’s yellow belt test footage.  He’s a bit hot and cold on the whole karate thing.  Before the holidays, we couldn’t pass a studio without a plea for lessons.  Skip forward to Christmas Eve when he opened his new uniform and proclaimed “I can’t do Karate, I’ll get hurt!”.  After nearly a month of nevers, I got him to class and you would have thought he had been there his entire life.  Two months of fun and a new belt later, now he doesn’t want to give up coloring at school to get to class.  I guess when you’re five it all depends on which way the wind blows.


5 thoughts on “Capricious Karate Kid

  1. Donna L Ruppenthal says:

    You go Fletcher! Our oldest grandson, now almost 17, did the karate gig for several years and really loved it… and was very good also…we just loved watching he and his teammates.. so cute… now all he wants to do is baseball.. keep it up Fletcher!

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