Morning Madness

I’ll never admit that raising four boys including three the same age is anything short of absolute mayhem, however, I do find the occasional moment of peace.  Inevitably, I waste these moments and many others pinning things I don’t need or projects I will never complete, more recently I’ve found myself engrossed in Candy Crush (its the equivalent of taking minutes or hours of your life and actually flushing them down the toilet.)

Do I feel guilty about this indulgent waste of time?  Absolutely!  Can I do anything about it?  Not really.  This morning I managed to capture on video tape what happens in our family room when my children think I’m not watching.

So if arranging toys to practice leaping is a “mom is watching” activity, you can only imagine what might go down if, say I went to the basement to switch the laundry.  So there chores, I’m not lazy just a diligent mom.



3 thoughts on “Morning Madness

  1. Updates:
    Pants, well my wardrobe specialist Fletcher got up late this morning so we didn’t have time to pick them out and put them on before breakfast.
    The leaping lizard is Cooper.
    The vocal child is Hudson.
    And Nathan is watching Barney, not something I encourage but I was just about to complete the last level in Episode 3 so I couldn’t be disturbed when Elmo was over.

  2. sophie says:

    I am happy I could help bring Fletch to school so you could finish your level in Candy Crush…Since I got you addicted to the mindless game I owed you one…LOL

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