Investment Advice

Coming out of retirement, Poppa John clocked in at 9 o’clock sharp.  His new position is more like working on the chain gang than in fancy offices.  At least it’s a little easier going with cute coworkers like these.

After some careful analysis and a strong opening on the Fairfield floor, Poppa John says “buy big bouncy balls”  the price to playtime ratio is second only to cardboard boxes.  BUY! BUY! BUY!

Copper, Nathan, Hudson, Fletcher

Break time on the Street, Sesame Street


2 thoughts on “Investment Advice

  1. sean says:

    OH my! You do that daily, huh? NICE JOB! Its no wonder grandpa is sitting down. I would do…duck and cover!!!!

    I wonder what mothers did before rubber balls???

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