ISO Village

I know this won’t surprise many of you but I have to say, I agree with Hilary, “it takes a village.” When you get three at once it takes a village and all the surrounding ones as well.
So since we have just left a “village” with such excellent friends and neighbors we have high expectations for the next. The following are some of our minimum requirements:
• good fences make bad play dates so someplace where the kids around the corner and across the street are great fun
• neighbors who know it’s always 5 o’clock someplace
• veterans of the area who can tell you who to call for a broken toilet or where to take your dry cleaning
• moms who know that walking with strollers is for venting and joking not for exercise
• friends who don’t need to be asked for help, they just know
• two emmies
• one vitamix
• Easter egg hunt
• Halloween parade
• lots of flowering trees
• at least one nonagenarian
• parades where the blankets go out up to 3 days before
• dog friendly even if they do pee on your feet, eat your snacks And crap in your lawn
• school carnivals to spare
• and let’s not forget multiples if there aren’t at least 3 sets of twins around we won’t know what to do with ourselves.

We love you Fairfield!
















One thought on “ISO Village

  1. Erika says:

    Amen to those requirements! I’m sure you will miss your old village but also come to love your new one. Cheers to great neighbors and friends! Love the pics, as always. Hope the move went smoothly!

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