Summer of Mog

It’s the first day of summer, and I am in desperate need of motivation and a launch date for my new blogging initiative.  So from today until September 21, I aim to be “that mom.”  (Thus, Summer of Mog, mom + blog )My goal is to do something worthy of a photo or note everyday and share it with you.  Please adjust your personal definition of “worthy” appropriately.  You can expect some cute photos, perhaps some clever quips, plenty of pop culture references, a little self deprecation, posts about past adventures, but mostly attempts at stretching our largely mundane life into something enjoyable to peruse.

In light of my new found motivation, I spent the first hour testing new themes for the blog.  As you can see, I was unable to choose one, but I plan to, so don’t be surprised if we look a little different one of these days.  Also, why would I waste my new look on Mog Launch day, there are 93 days between now and the end of summer.

I would update you on the happenings since my anniversary post, but I’m hoping to set your expectations low by starting off with a 1 on the interesting scale (10 being the birth of triplets or potty training said triplets).  Here’s some photos that seem to fit the bill:

Sneak Peek- hopefully you’ll see a post about us looking at this over the weekend:


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