I’m going to assume that your familiar with the better known Fletchisms:

“It’s all ball bearings nowadays.”

“Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo.”

“No, never, never.”

You’re probably less familiar with our modern Fletchisms.  Yes, all kids say funny things but I won’t bore you with…okay, just one.  When Fletcher was little we used to tell him he looked sharp, whenever he got dressed up.  After a while, he started telling people, “don’t touch me, I’m sharp.”  Ha ha, get it.

Now, onto his musing from yesterday.  I feel this is either a) the  foundation for a future and life well lived or b) an intense new religion he will create and base around the worship of ninjas and werewolves.

As we cruised to Target, he says “your heart is everything”

“Momma, in your heart is everything, even God.  Even God’s power is in your heart.  It’s more powerful than everything.”

Later, after extensively pondering the fruit snack selection, he continued.

“You heart is love.  That’s why I said your heart is everything because love is everything and in your heart is love.  I call it the Giant Loving.”

I am so privileged to have this little man in my life.  Though, I’m not sure either of us were feeling the Giant Loving when we left the library on bad terms this afternoon.  Maybe it will be back after a nap

May the Giant Loving be with you!



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