Nightmare on Lawn Street

As far as multiple motherhood goes my experiences to date have been relatively uneventful.  My boys were born at 35 weeks, newsworthy for a Kardashian, but full term for triplets; they spent very little time in the NICU, just enough for me to wrap my head around suddenly quadrupeling my family; we didn’t have to manage feeding issues; we had a brilliant baby nurse who helped them develop great sleeping habits; no food allergies; and knock on wood they’ve been reaching milestones left and right.  Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t all been a cakewalk and I’m certain if we had gone through any of the aforementioned issues, I would be typing this from a padded room.

Alas,  my streak is over!  After a rougher than usual nap time routine, I returned to find them hatching a plan in the corner of the room.  OUT OF THEIR PACK N’ PLAYS (we were in Duluth.)  After picking my heart and jaw off the floor, I demanded a demonstration.  Returned to their beds, they very quickly reenacted the escape. One fell to the floor with a thud and two sveltly and silently lowered themselves to the floor. Life as I knew it was over, gone were my days of sound sleep and productive naps, it seems like I hardly knew them.  And here’s the real rub, I have no clue what to do.  Like the smart kid who nevered learned to study, my liter is so easy I don’t know what to do with them.  And now instead of basking in our contained chaos,  I’m lost in paranoia that this new ability is just the tip of the iceberg. While glued to the monitor, I’ve compiled a list of things potentially in my future, that I don’t know how to handle:

  • Diaper removal
  • Refusal to potty train
  • Stroller rejection
  • Outgrowing high chairs
  • Dessert vs vegetable visual and verbal recognition
  • Seatbelt unbuckling
  • Voicing of their music preference
  • And horror of horrors dropping their naps

These may sound like simple kid things, but when you walk the fine line between middling and mayhem, they are life altering. If you know of gadgets to save me from these events, tricks for preventing them, or books on how to deal with them, I will be waiting here on the floor outside their room listening for their Hoodini routine.

photo 3 photo 2
P.S. we had a wonderful time in Duluth with Poppa, WaWa and GiGi despite the world ending.

One thought on “Nightmare on Lawn Street

  1. Erika says:

    Yes, escaping from pack ‘n plays and dropping naps are scary thoughts!! On the bright side, love the photo of ALL your boys though!

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