“…a little idle talk of this and that”

I haven’t wanted to call it until I could provide proof but I think it’s safe to say, the boys are talking.  Nathan started it all with a very clear “Momma” which he immediately turned into a mumbled and demanding “MORE.”  Since then all three boys have tackled “Momma”,”WaWa”, and “Poppa”.  If I’m being completely honest, I think Nathan also threw out an “Arletta” (our wonderful CT nanny) a while ago and Hudson sometimes says “please” when he does the sign language version.  They’ve also mastered an impressive list of animal sounds: elephant, cow, dog, lion, T-Rex, cat, goat, snake, and monkey. Also, they hop like frogs but there’s no “ribbit” involved.  See for yourself…

I just realized these are actually not great examples of them talking but as Fletch likes to say “you get what you get and you don’t get upset.”


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