Ice Age 4

As much as I would love to be announcing the release of the next Ice Age (Fletcher loves those flicks), I am actually going to tout the wonderfulness that is Pinterest.  Today, I endeavored on yet another idea that came from someone unknown in cyberspace.  This blogger/mom/person I don’t know, had a wonderful idea, did it with her kids, and then shared it with the world.  I saw it, fantasized about the day I might be organized enough to do it, pinned it, and now I’ve done it.

After lunch today, I told the boys that Global Warming had reversed and overnight all of their animals and dinosaurs were trapped in ice.  Fletcher didn’t believe me and then pointed out the hypocrisy of having to apply sunscreen if it really was an ice age.  The little boys were excited but they typically are when you say the word “outside.”  We trotted down to the yard to find 20 or so plastic toys locked in a block of ice and several kitchen utensils set out to help free them.  Everyone got right to work.  There was a bit of fighting over the meat tenderizer and I think Nathan thought he could crack the ice with his high pitched screams.  Cooper, Hudson and Nathan may have moved on quickly because it really did take work to get them out, but Fletch kept at it so they did too.  Overall, it took me 5 minutes to set up and filled close to 45 minutes of the witching hour so I’d say success.

Feel free to pin my post, if you want to freeze toys later.  Or you could follow me on Pinterest, I have boards on everything from alcoholic drinks (called The Cure) to books I would read, if I had time to read books.


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