Bubble Bonanza

Yesterday, was not my most original activity with the boys but that’s the great thing about bubbles.  They never get old.  And how can GIANT bubbles not be exciting.

This was another Pinterest fueled afternoon.  I used this bubble recipe and checked out photos of the big bubble wands as well.  Most of the wands have eye hooks screwed to the end, which would make them last longer but I was under prepared so we were just lucky to have dowels.  Also, I made some t-shirt yarn to use instead of string, it was a little heavier and more absorbent.

Just a couple of notes, remember the bubble mix has to rest to make it well in advance of your bubble time.  Also, learn from my mistake, pour some of the mixture into a separate bowl and put the rest away.  Otherwise, you may have your bubble burst by an accidental spill.

We need more cornstarch and then we’ll be back in business.  BRING ON THE BUBBLES!


One thought on “Bubble Bonanza

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