Ready, Set…2

It’s been a big year for our entire crew. Hurricane, blizzard, new job, new state, and Eddie learned that pond means lake, pop means soda, and out’n about means never you mind where I’m going this afternoon. It’s been even bigger for Cooper, Hudson, and Nathan. They learned to walk, run, and scale. They are using new words everyday including the very important “muffin” and the very powerful “no”. They wear shoes almost every single day now and thanks to Grandma Dot they use forks once in a while. WaWa taught them to show that they are sweet and GiGi taught them to tighten up. Sharing has begun and hugs are given when that doesn’t work. Most importantly we’re thankful that it was another healthy year.

As we round the corner into age 2, it becomes harder and harder to imagine where we would be or what life would be like without these three beautiful souls. Nathan, Hudson, and Cooper challenge and reward us in amazing ways everyday. We cannot wait to see what comes next.

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

Nelson Mandela (also born on July 18th)


3 thoughts on “Ready, Set…2

  1. Linda Pashman says:

    Happy birthday X 3 ! What a video. I wanted to cry. See how quickly we forget poop!
    Hugs and kisses to the entire family

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