Cut Me Some Slack, Jack!

Most the pressure for me to get something, anything, posted is self-inflicted.  However, to those of you who have ever so subtly reminded me that SMOG went out the window about halfway through, I get it.  I didn’t even go back and count how many days into the summer I made it before falling off the blogon (hah! blog + wagon).  So I can’t say that missing my goal taught me to count.  It did teach me that I cannot do it all.  New state, new house, new school, new nanny and trying to blog every day.  I think its pretty good only one of those didn’t happen.  I would guess Eddie, my mom, Ed and Fletch are pretty glad too.

So a lot has happened since Fletch’s birthday and I’ll just have to catch you up slowly.  Expect future posts on the triplet’s 2nd birthday, Fletch’s birthday party, our new house, the 1st day of school and other less thrilling events.

In the meantime, I have a favor to ask, please take a minute to vote for Fletcher’s new school Give with Target.  1 vote = $1 and you can vote once per day.  The website is Fletch’s school is Yinghua Academy.

Sneak peak of our new abode

Sneak peak of our new abode

Fletcher wasn't very happy I forgot to post either

Fletcher wasn’t very happy I forgot to post either

The boys said they'd make dinner if I'd post something

The boys said they’d make dinner if I’d post something



2 thoughts on “Cut Me Some Slack, Jack!

  1. susan says:

    I was hoping that the lack of blog meant that you were finally successful with your house hunt and thus busy with yet another move. Thrilled to hear that you now have your own space again! Congrats!

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