So it begins….

Do you think I could get a punch card for stitches? Maybe buy 20 get the next 5 free? We actually have a previous purchase from almost exactly 4 years ago. I suppose it’s too late to credit those.

Last night Hudson got 5 on his face after a tumble off a stool on to a plastic cup. Not pretty but he handled it all like a champ. In fact, he was so pleased with his post visit popsicle and rolling solo with mom that he tried to stay and hang out with the hospital valets.

So hopefully we won’t become familiar faces at the Children’s ER but just in case I was extra appreciative and filled out a very complimentary survey.

Personally, I think he just wanted to stand out in their Santa photo.





3 thoughts on “So it begins….

  1. Judy Meyer says:

    Hi Airika –

    You seem to have taken this calmly! I enjoy your posts. A punch card for stitches is pretty funny!

    Enjoy your day –


  2. Donna Ruppenthal says:

    forget it Sean! I’m older…I get first pick and I would pick all four of them! lol
    Airika, Benton, now 45, had stitches in his face about 5 times in one summer! his Dr. was about to put “Benton’s Room” on the door.. best of luck!

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