How much is that doggie in the window?

Hah! For a second you thought I was crazy and stupid (I only admit to one of those.)  No, we are not getting a dog.  Despite Fletch’s continued contention that we promised him a dog when we moved, we will not be adding a canine member to our family.  In fact, Fletcher believes we should have one dog and three puppies so sadly this wish will never come true.  But I’m not posting to share how Eddie and I are dream killers, I wanted to tell you about my new favorite game with Cooper, Hudson, and Nathan, its called Pretend Puppy.  Yep, they pretend to be dogs and I go along like I have three puppies in the house.

It started last week while we were dog-sitting my Mom and Ed’s dog.  They found her leash and dog walking ensued.  It’s pretty cute, they bark and run around holding the leash (no, I don’t attach it to them).  The best part is that they do what I tell them.  Seriously, telling a two year old to come and lay down is like ordering a drink in a crowded bar (not that I remember), they might hear you but its unlikely you’ll get what you want.  But telling a pretend puppy to do the same is very effective.  Most of the time they comply immediately.  If they don’t, one “bad puppy” coupled with a frown and they are instantly on the floor ready to get dressed.

So if you’re having listening issues with your toddler, I highly recommend Pretend Puppy.  We may even try some advanced tricks this week like heel and fetch (maybe I’ll get some cleaning done).


No triplets were harmed in the taking of this photo. Cooper got in the cage all on his own. I think there was a bone in there.


2 thoughts on “How much is that doggie in the window?

  1. Donna Rupenthal says:

    love the picture… one day when they are old enough to take care of a pet, I’ll bet you give in…right now it would just be more work for you! they are really growing up. I hope spring has arrived – somewhat – in Minn.??what a winter you guys had!

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