Easter Parade

What? You say Easter’s been over for more than two weeks?  Oops, yet another triplet warp in the time space continuum.  Obviously, I’m still mentally and physically processing the holiday so now you can too.

We had a fantastic Easter.  The sun came out for eight straight hours and the temperature hit the above average end of the scale.  Mostly, it was great because our kids were great.  Nobody melted down, refused to wear their dapper digs, or ate their weight in peeps and chocolate bunnies.  It was all just too idyllic for me not to share.  Thank you for your patience, I hope you like these photos as much as I do.

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4 thoughts on “Easter Parade

  1. Donna Rupenthal says:

    yes, I love the pictures as much as you guys do! they are so grown up! I especially liked seeing them with their shirttails hanging out…and the boots!!! definately a ‘boy’ thing…thanks for sharing…

  2. Leanna Povlinski says:

    Those beautiful, impish faces always brighten my day.
    How fun to see the cousins all together. Good times!
    Thanks for sharing. Love Mom

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