Dare to be Great Situation

As the sole proprietor of this blog I’d like to rectify a long standing oversight.  I was a bit crazed and failed to share with you Fletcher’s latest and greatest adventure.  This fall Fletcher started kindergarten at Yinghua Academy a Chinese Immersion charter school.  It’s a great school and we are excited about the opportunity for Fletch to learn a second language.  That said we were very aware of the added effort required from Fletch to adjust to a new hometown, new school, and not understanding anything that’s being said to him from 9:00 to 3:30.

This was him, last September, venturing down this new road….

Then poof, we blinked and it was his last day.  Aside from the usual bumps and bad days, he sailed through this year and picked up more than a little Chinese on the way.  WARNING THE FOLLOWING IS A MOM BRAG.  In fact, he did so well that last week, he walked up to a parent from his baseball team and asked if they were speaking Chinese.  They were, and he blew her away with his skills.  We couldn’t be prouder of Fletch and cannot wait to see where this “dare to be great situation” takes him.

So here he is in all his field day glory.  And yes, that is a Korean Sheep Head he is wearing.   Field day was Olympic-themed and his teacher was amazing and creative all year long.  His great year was in no small way due to her.


3 thoughts on “Dare to be Great Situation

  1. Fletcher we are so proud of you. We know how hard you worked this year and it shows what a great kid you are. We love the pictures which your mom included in her great blog. It was neat to see you wearing the Harbour Ridge Turkey Trot tee shirt for field day. We love you, Grandma Dot and Papa John

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