A Bug’s Life

Well, I’m no entomologist, but there are a lot of things around here that bug me.  Fortunately, our beautiful summer weather and exploring MN with our boys isn’t one of them.  This week we swarmed the Minnesota Zoo to see their Big Bugs.  They were BIG and super cool.  There were even a few real bugs in case the big ones didn’t give us enough of the heebeegeebees.  Since I’m the Queen Bee, I also choose the Bird Show and got picked to help with the show.  Our little nymphs needed to cool down so we rounded out the day on the splash pad.  It was more of a crash pad for Fletch but it didn’t clip his wings for long.

The boys were still buzzing about bugs the next day so we went for a bug hunt.  I’d like to send out a blanket apology to all the bug families out there.  The boys have yet to fully grasp the idea of letting the bugs bee.


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