U Pick I Pick U

I realize that “I don’t know how you do it” is not a question, and when “how do you do it?” is said to a triplet mom it’s generally meant rhetorically.   However, just in case any of you actually want to know how I do it, I thought of one big thing that makes things a little less nuts around here.  Whether it was good decision making or just dumb luck, I picked well and ended up with a partner who is truly a partner.   We don’t do anything perfectly but we do most of it together and with a mind to how we can make it better for each other.  So there you go, if you see triplets in your future “pick the right one to be in the foxhole with.”  Probably good advice even if you don’t plan on triplets, I didn’t.

Also, this was all just a flowery way of telling you that Eddie took me and the boys to a U-pick this weekend and I love him for it.  He even let me get us lost on the way home and look what we discovered.

Good thing we’re not in the market anymore, this would be right up my weird but cool alley.

Finally, here are the cute photos which I know is the only reason most of you read my drivel.  And the U Pick wasn’t just for the country girl in me, the boys loved it.  Fletcher found some award winning strawberries, Nathan found a new hat, Hudson kept us on track with our flag, and Cooper ate his weight in strawberries.


PS If you live in our area these lovely strawberries can be picked at Pleasant Valley Orchard in Shafer for the next two weeks.


7 thoughts on “U Pick I Pick U

  1. Lois Walker says:

    Hi Airika, I just realized the triplets don’t have curly hair like Fletch did at that age. They looked like they had a great time. Love the pics. Lois

  2. Tammie says:

    The picture of the house kind of reminds me of West Virginia and the farm house! We miss you all and sure wish we lived closer.

  3. Leanna Povlinski says:

    Another successful adventure. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.
    I would have to agree you did a good job of picking your partner. The two of you make this work.

    Love Mom

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