7 New School Year Resolutions

It’s the eve of our oldest son’s first day of 1st grade and just a week before the triplets’ first day of preschool.  I’m not sad, I’m not overjoyed, I’m not worried, I’m not overly emotional one way or the other but I do recognize this will be a big change. When faced with change, I feel the need to make changes in me, to make a fresh start, to begin anew.  A little like New Year’s Resolutions but for the new school year.

The thing is, I am terrible with New Year’s Resolutions.  In year’s past, I’ve written down the typical five or so things that every one wants to do: eat better, exercise more, drink more water, read a book a month, go to bed earlier.  Nothing too ambitious and yet, I cannot remember making it past the first week.  Worse yet, the last few years, I haven’t even managed to write anything down until two weeks after New Year’s.  My case in point, see my post from January, It’s a New Year!  In this post, written four days after New Year’s Eve, I allude to resolutions that I had yet write and never did.

I’m hoping that the start of the school year will be different.  Unlike New Year’s Eve, a new school year really does signify change: a new season, new teachers, new friends, new classes.  Perhaps with all this new, I will really be able to turn over a new leaf.  And if all that doesn’t work, I’m telling you so you can hold me accountable.

Here are my promises to me and my children for the new school year:

  1. I will not leave everything until the last minute. (says the woman writing a back-to-school post the night before her children go back to school) I recognize that none of us are at our best when we rush and the more I leave until the deadline the more we have to rush.
  2. I will come up with something better to ask then “How was your day?” If I expect an answer beyond “okay” then I need to change the question.  So instead, I will try “What made you laugh?” or “How were you brave?” maybe “What did you talk about with your friends?”
  3. I will encourage your efforts as much as your accomplishments.  When life gets hectic, its easy to hold out praise until the report card or conferences.  Instead, I promise to watch you work and recognize how you solve problems and develop good habits, not just wait for success.
  4. Along the same line, I will not do your homework.  I will help but I will not give you the answers or make corrections without you.
  5. There will be room to play and do nothing in our schedule.
  6. And we will have a schedule.  I will maintain a routine so that you know what to expect and what I expect of you.
  7. No matter what any of us make of our new school year, I will remember that any and every day can be a new start.


“One step must start each journey.” – Unknown


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