Happy Halloweenish

In preparation for the impending onslaught of Elf on Shelf photos, I’m starting a holiday season tradition I can really get behind. So here it is: Halloweenish. (Feel free to suggest another/better/more appropriate name.)

Ways to celebrate Halloweenish include:
1. Wearing your costume around the house, just to get into character.
2. Attending early Halloween parties or making “fall” parties, Halloween parties by wearing your costume.
3. Putting aside household chores to focus on crafting the perfect costume.
4. Bobbing for anything.
5. Candy Corn Cleanse Diet, eat only candy corn and apple cider.
6. Making plans to pilfer your kids candy.
7. Pumpkin patch visits.
8. Pumpkin Carving.
9. Scaring people. I do this bi-weekly but if you need a reason here ya go.
10. Wearing themed undergarments. Socks work but try really getting into it.

Here’s some photos of the start of our first ever Halloweenish:






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