In honor of World Prematurity Day, I thought I’d share our little preemies.  At 36 weeks, our guys were barely premature and as far as triplets go they were very mature.  Thankfully, our NICU stay was brief and we’ve had healthy guys ever since.  While I think about all those little champions out there, I’m thinking even more about their brave mommas.  I think by nature moms are advocates for their kids but NICU moms go from 0 to 110 in no time at all.  They bond through plastic and around wires.  They entrust total strangers with their whole world for days, weeks, even months.  All the ups and downs of an entire lifetime are thrown at them during visiting hours.  Through it all, they listen, they learn, they love so their babies can survive.

So today my heart goes out to the all the little fighters and all their mommas sitting ringside.IMG_2857.JPG


3 thoughts on “Preemies

  1. Jennifer Duncan says:

    What a beautifully eloquent tribute to those tenacious little babies and their courageous moms! You can really write, girl!

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