For Santa Photos: Click Here

I know most of you only subscribe to my blog on the off chance I will motivate and post cute photos of my boys.  I get it, reading is overrated.  So in an effort to give us all what we want for Christmas, I have posted a self-described “year’s best” Santa pic.  Seriously, I challenge you to find four more adorable boys (including three 3 year olds and a 7 year old who styled his own hair), smiling in their bow ties on Santa’s lap.

But before you bask in the pure cuteness that occurred last evening, please click below and skim something I’ve written.  Really, it’s less than 500 words you’ll be done before your computer loads whatever very important task (or other cute photos) you’re about to start.  As a bonus there is a throwback, cute photo at the end.  You win, I win.

A Grand Gift Idea: What I’m Giving My Children for Every Holiday

Merry Christmas!





4 thoughts on “For Santa Photos: Click Here

  1. Leanna Povlinski says:

    I continue to feel blessed that I get to be part of the Christmas festivities and am always so proud of how the boys behave. I say it daily How lucky am I to have 4 beautiful grandsons!.
    Thanks to Airika and Eddie for making the effort to keep us involved.

  2. It’s such fun to BE a gift! Thank you, Airika, for making us feel so special. We are so thankful for our six beautiful and wonderful grandsons and we love spending time with them. Your blog also brought back memories of Christmas past, which always included my grandparents. We can’t wait to see you all. Merry Christmas!
    Love, Grandma Dot

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