National Day Year

Did you know it’s National Whipped Cream Day?  Now you do and so do my kids. National Days are great.  There’s National Donut Day, Bacon Day, and even No Interruptions Day (how do I convince my kids to celebrate that one?); there’s one for everyday.  I think they are just the thing I’ve been searching for to add a little something to our days.

“WTF?” you say “don’t you have enough going on?”

Yes. But indulge my lunacy for a bit.  I noticed over the holidays that having something to “celebrate” provided me with easy inspiration for activities.  And new activities keep the chaos, around here, under control.  I’m learning (very slowly) that we need a balance of routine and remarkable to prevent boredom (in the boys) and lethargy (from me).  We’re pretty good at the routine part (except when we’re not) so I’m going to incorporate National Days to create the remarkable.

The following is how we celebrated National Whipped Cream Day.  My mom-mentor and long time friend, Maggie, taught me this recipe.  It’s a guaranteed hit with all ages.

IMG_3096 IMG_3098 IMG_3100

Let’s be honest, there’s no way I’m going follow through on doing this for a year (or week).  Tomorrow is National Shortbread Day so I predict I’ll make it at least two.  Whether I do or not, I have one more resource to ward off the bad habits that find us the doldrums.


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