Curling for A Cause

Surprise, I’ve waited until the last minute to do something!  I know, I know it’s so out of character for me. Typical or not I have waited until a few days before to ask you all to support me in a Curl-A-Thon for the Fund for Education Abroad.  FEA was my baby before I had lots of babies and I am so impressed and delighted at how much good this organization is doing.  In the three years since our initial group of scholars in 2011-2012 they have tripled the number of scholarships to 21 recipients for 2014-2015.  I am so proud to have been a small part in helping send these deserving students abroad.  This Thursday I get to continue in this support through the 2nd annual Minnesota Curl-A-Thon.  Since I am not much of a curler, I’m hoping you can help me bring something else to the table.  Please consider making a donation to FEA through our team The Freezer.  You can donate at, even a small donation will help us reach our goal.

On another note TCMB posted my latest article today with tips on creating a “mixed tape” for your valentine.  If Vintage Valentine for the Digital Age, makes you wonder about my playlist prowess and you’re willing to donate to FEA, I will trade a curling inspired (or theme of your choosing) playlist for any Freezer team sponsorships.  And/or if you prefer cute pictures of my adorable children I will post cute new photos in return for donations.

Here’s a little something to inspire your generosity:

IMG_7849 IMG_8354 IMG_8502


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