Photos for a Purpose

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The Curl-a-Thon was yesterday and I rate it as a fantastic success.  My team the Freezer, exceeded our fundraising goal.  Thank you.  We won our game and in a last minute upset ousted the 2nd place fundraising team for the silver in donations.  Most importantly a lot of money was raised for FEA which is what really matters.  All in all over $6,000!

There was one small hiccup in my fundraising plan to exchange cute photos and mediocre playlists for donations.  Since I was not our team captain I was not notified of who donated to the team.  Of course, I know all of you did so I will shower you with photos and perhaps a Curling/Valentines Day inspired mix.  If you’re feeling a little guilty about receiving these lovely smiles and not donating (like the World Wildlife stickers that spread guilt all over our art projects) you can still donate at  For those of you who did THANK YOU and enjoy!


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