Ode to …

We made it to Dr. Suess’ Birthday this year but sadly we’ve been thrown for another Alleyoop


In the depths of my desperation to exorcise  this interminable stomach bug from my home, I considered photographing the results and posting them to the blog.  It seems that whenever my children are doing something adorable, they stop as soon as the camera comes out.  Logically, if I tried to take a picture of the vomit, it should magically disappear.  Right?

At that moment, I was willing to try anything!  Fortunately for you, the odor was so overwhelming my reflex to rid us of the stench left me with nothing to photograph.

Instead, I was inspired to share with you my feelings on the last two weeks in verse.  If you are more of a visual person, I suggest having someone read the following aloud so you can properly picture the appropriate illustrations.

(Thank you, Dr. Suess)

I am Alleyoop I am Alleyoop Alleyoop am I That Alleyoop That Alleyoop…

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One thought on “Ode to …

  1. dotcob says:

    Having been there to witness this scene, I have a much greater appreciation for this “verse.” I still love you all. Grandma Dot >

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