Happy Easter Opening Day

I know that yesterday was a holy day for many of you but did you know how holy? In our house it was the holiest of holies. Like Pi Day, a lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, and Game of Thrones season premier all in one. That’s right MLB’s Opening Day on Easter Sunday. It was cold here so everyone was out in their wool and flannel and I’m pretty sure Eddie wore knee socks under his Sunday best.

If you think about it, Easter and Opening Day are kinda the same. The “commissioner” forgives all our past transgressions (maybe not steriod use). Everyone (except the Twins) gets a fresh start. And we have a renewed sense of faith and hope for the future (unless you’re a Twins fan). Christ is risen – and hopefully the Yankees will too.

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Our little in-field were all in rare form. They managed not to take any extra eggs from the younger kids at church, but I’m sure they had the lion’s share of the jelly beans during coffee hour. The Silly String added to their Easter baskets by a particularly devilish godparent (thank you Marya) was much more entertaining than hunting for eggs, but in the end, all the candy was located. By design, we ate while they napped and tried to clean up while they spread plastic eggs all over the house and demanded more gummi bears.

As you know I love to take photos of them and they were looking especially cute yesterday. Unfortunately, my desire for the perfect family photo was supersceded by my exhaustion. So while I am sure Eddie held vigil late into the evening, I was overcome with exhuberance and passed out early.



3 thoughts on “Happy Easter Opening Day

  1. Leanna Povlinksi says:

    Great photos of a great Easter. Spending the day with the boys made it that much more fun and Mama’s extra efforts made it a great day for the boys. How blessed we are to have them so close.
    Love you all WaWa and Edward

  2. Kathleen Yale says:

    Loved your Easter post!
    Thank you. They are all
    Growing & so interesting
    Altho’ I’m sure R exhausting
    Love to all of you & Happy
    Spring! Kay

    Kay Yale


  3. dotcob says:

    What a wonderful Easter! So glad you made it such a special celebration. Coloring eggs in FL, with out “little people” around, is not half so much fun even though it always looks like spring here. We miss you all. Can’t wait to see you this summer.
    Love, Grandma Dot and Papa John

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