You Can’t Say I Told You So

Well, perhaps celebrating every National Day was a bit ambitious.  It wasn’t particularly well thought out either. I never looked beyond the second day to find out not every day was filled with yummy goodness like whipped cream and shortbread.  Good thing for me no one said any thing earlier so I don’t have to hear “i told you so” from anyone.

Whether I should have know better or not, I’m still going to try to add a little celebration to our everyday.  Today we reveled in our new easels.  So far the boys have created abstract bears, a van, an airplane, a lion, and a dinosaur.  I was thrilled by the how long they lasted painting, usually they are “all done” before I set down the paint.

Just in case you think I was just to lazy to find a way to commemorate today’s day, Happy National Bobblehead Day!



2 thoughts on “You Can’t Say I Told You So

  1. says:

    Too cute!  Post pictures their paintings please.  Yes on bobblehead  day – go Giants.EllenSent from Xfinity Connect Mobile App

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