Bonspiel Broken Heart – An Ode to Curling

For all the icy hearts out there who were unmelted by the adorable photos that recently flooded your inbox, I am keeping pt. 2 of my fundraising promise.  Below is my rock throwing inspired playlist:

  1. Hammer to Fall – Queen
  2. You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart – Eurythmics
  3. Hazy Shade of Winter – Bangles
  4. Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  5. Cold Hearted – Paula Abdul
  6. Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc
  7. Cool It Now – New Edition
  8. Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner
  9. I Want You – Third Eye Blind
  10. Glass, Stone & Concrete – David Bryne
  11. Baby, Baby, Baby – Joss Stone
  12. Hearts of Stone – GB Leighton
  13. Under My Thumb – Rolling Stones
  14. The Weight – The Band
  15. Something So Strong – Crowded House
  16. Ice Cream – Sara McLachlan
  17. Cold Cold Heart – Norah Jones
  18. Paradise – Coldplay
  19. Cool Change – Little River Band
  20. Dark End of the Street – The Commitments

If you’d prefer to create something a little more personal you can read my best mixed tape tips here.


Photos for a Purpose

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The Curl-a-Thon was yesterday and I rate it as a fantastic success.  My team the Freezer, exceeded our fundraising goal.  Thank you.  We won our game and in a last minute upset ousted the 2nd place fundraising team for the silver in donations.  Most importantly a lot of money was raised for FEA which is what really matters.  All in all over $6,000!

There was one small hiccup in my fundraising plan to exchange cute photos and mediocre playlists for donations.  Since I was not our team captain I was not notified of who donated to the team.  Of course, I know all of you did so I will shower you with photos and perhaps a Curling/Valentines Day inspired mix.  If you’re feeling a little guilty about receiving these lovely smiles and not donating (like the World Wildlife stickers that spread guilt all over our art projects) you can still donate at  For those of you who did THANK YOU and enjoy!


Curling for A Cause

Surprise, I’ve waited until the last minute to do something!  I know, I know it’s so out of character for me. Typical or not I have waited until a few days before to ask you all to support me in a Curl-A-Thon for the Fund for Education Abroad.  FEA was my baby before I had lots of babies and I am so impressed and delighted at how much good this organization is doing.  In the three years since our initial group of scholars in 2011-2012 they have tripled the number of scholarships to 21 recipients for 2014-2015.  I am so proud to have been a small part in helping send these deserving students abroad.  This Thursday I get to continue in this support through the 2nd annual Minnesota Curl-A-Thon.  Since I am not much of a curler, I’m hoping you can help me bring something else to the table.  Please consider making a donation to FEA through our team The Freezer.  You can donate at, even a small donation will help us reach our goal.

On another note TCMB posted my latest article today with tips on creating a “mixed tape” for your valentine.  If Vintage Valentine for the Digital Age, makes you wonder about my playlist prowess and you’re willing to donate to FEA, I will trade a curling inspired (or theme of your choosing) playlist for any Freezer team sponsorships.  And/or if you prefer cute pictures of my adorable children I will post cute new photos in return for donations.

Here’s a little something to inspire your generosity:

IMG_7849 IMG_8354 IMG_8502


You Think You’re Cooler Than Me

You think you’re cooler than me and you’re probably right.  But my kids are cooler than me so the bar isn’t set very high. This week on the Twin Cities Moms Blog, I talk about how I use my kids as an excuse to visit neighborhoods that are too cool for me.  It’s called Nordeast for Mini Hipsters but I’m so lame I’m not even sure what a hipster is so no promises it will up your cool factor.

For those of you who are too cool for the whole “reading” thing, I’m attaching two photos for your viewing pleasure:



A Day I Could Really Get Caught Up In

I’m a hugger.  I apologize in advance if we meet and you’re not because I’ll probably hug you.  I love them.  I read somewhere (or made it up) that children should get 17 hugs a day.  I can’t keep track of 68 hugs a day so I just hug them whenever I see them.

Hugs aren’t terribly photogenic but it’s National Hugging Day so I went through the archives and found these hugs.  Some of them are fuzzy, some half done, some with bad hair, I found all sorts.  Regardless, of the type or subject seeing them makes me almost as happy as getting one.

I will not play tug o’ war. I’d rather play hug o’ war. Where everyone hugs instead of tugs, Where everyone giggles and rolls on the rug, Where everyone kisses, and everyone grins, and everyone cuddles, and everyone wins.

Shel Silverstein









20060609_0248 29055_089 IMG_2279 photo-27 IMG_6198 IMG_6239 IMG_2634 IMG_6442 IMG_3583 IMG_3811 IMG_6876 IMG_6915 IMG_4465 IMG_7035 IMG_7513 IMG_0303 IMG_6278 IMG_4057 IMG_1213 IMG_1638 IMG_7294 IMG_7998 IMG_8356 IMG_8464 IMG_8528 IMG_8552


Birthdays x3 please help me!

You’ve seen the photos. I love birthdays and I love to make my kids feel special on their day. In my most recent post for Twin Cities Moms Blog I ask all my ?s for multiple birthdays.
Whether you just want to see me admit to having a sharing deficit or can help with my celebratory problems take a look. There are cute pics on the blog!


You Can’t Say I Told You So

Well, perhaps celebrating every National Day was a bit ambitious.  It wasn’t particularly well thought out either. I never looked beyond the second day to find out not every day was filled with yummy goodness like whipped cream and shortbread.  Good thing for me no one said any thing earlier so I don’t have to hear “i told you so” from anyone.

Whether I should have know better or not, I’m still going to try to add a little celebration to our everyday.  Today we reveled in our new easels.  So far the boys have created abstract bears, a van, an airplane, a lion, and a dinosaur.  I was thrilled by the how long they lasted painting, usually they are “all done” before I set down the paint.

Just in case you think I was just to lazy to find a way to commemorate today’s day, Happy National Bobblehead Day!