Splash Mountain

I grew up in the shadow of this mountain:


So I am acutely aware that this post includes neither mountains nor a roller coaster, but yesterday included splashing galore.   Fletcher and I decided to act like locals and take advantage of what the community center has to offer.  This Friday, it was a giant slip n’ slide, fueled by fire hoses.

After his hose down, Fletcher proved his love for me by offering to go to garage sales.  He really is my son.  While he played with his bargains, his brothers played with their new favorite prize, the water table.  “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”  You could also just prop up a plastic storage tub and fill it with water but we went with the fancy Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon, which I snagged for $29.99.  Which, I have also not been able to fully conquer so several additional bells and whistles are missing from these videos.

When Hudson’s aim gets better, I may have to keep my phone in a plastic bag.  Soaking wet the boys finally sat down for dinner, at their new picnic digs.

Sitting at the new table...for roughly 15 seconds

Sitting at the new table…for roughly 15 seconds

Update:  I’ve been informed that a MOG, is actually a half man, half dog, named Barf.  “I’m my own best friend!”  So my new blog initiative, will hence forth be referred to as SMOG (Summer of Mom Blog).

Photo credit: kryptonic83 / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA


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