Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Yesterday, I learned an important lesson.  Don’t joke about poop when you have a house full of toddlers.  I know most of you only read the blog to see the pictures but if you do read the text, you might have seen my reference to Caddyshack a few days ago.  I said something like “at least I didn’t have to yell “doody.”

That’s right last night we had our first floater and it wasn’t a candy bar.  I arrived home, delighted to hear our nanny had the boys in the bath, only to be greeted with a deuce Hudson dropped in the tub while he and Nathan were still in there.  Our awesome nanny assisted and kept the gagging to a minimum.  I did alright until Hudson tried grabbing it himself and then broke down in tears when I yelled “No, doody, doody!”  (I’m not sure he appreciates Caddyshack yet) A few days prior, Cooper left a prize for me on the floor while he was refusing to get cleaned up.  So I think it’s now safe to say that the “sh*t has really hit the floor around here.”

Now that I think of it, maybe you don’t read the text because I regularly talk about my children’s waste products.  Too bad, they are triplet boys, they come with equal parts cute and gross.

Success!  No poop in the bath this night

Success! No poop in the bath this night

Since I’m imagining that what I reference in the blog will come to fruition, have any of you seen a movie where the children behave calmly while eating perfectly balanced meals?  I’d like to joke about that in my next post.


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